Tourists Run and Grab Their Cameras When They See Giant Circles of Bubbles in the Water

Whenever plans are in place to spend quality time close to nature, we all have selfish reasons. We expect to witness all that nature has to offer in a limited period. An exciting array of species accompanied by pleasant weather. A reason to make the destination a scenic and upright choice. And for some lucky tourists, this is possible.

The Canadian Rainforest of the North West is one of the renowned and peaceful holiday stop. From time to time, the habitats of the enormous forest peak out for everyone to see. Back in 2019, a group of tourists had a similar surprising encounter. The tourist was staying in the  Great Bear Lodge in Canada’s British Columbia. It was early in the morning, and many were still resting in their Cabin.

Everyone enjoyed the picturesque tall trees just near the river, when out of where many noticed bubbles emerging from the water—what better way to capture the possible wonder than technology that fits in our hand. The visitors were in stand-by position when the bubbles grew smaller. Eventually, the humpback whale made a majestic appearance.

The whole scenario is truly magnificent. Please press play and enjoy the beauty.

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