Adorable Little Girl Struggles To Say Ice-cream, Then Invents Her Own Word

What is ‘comsonose’ anyway? This little girl can’t stop saying this word when she means ice-cream. Her father tries his best to make his daughter say the word. She excels at saying every other word recited by him but why this specific difficulty? It’s adorable the way she says ‘comsonose’ with a huge smile.

She is confident in her vocabulary as she says the word with a smirk on her face, not even bothering with her dad’s effort. She can enunciate words like dada, eat, but when it comes to ice-cream, it is a lost cause. But the surprising thing is she can say ice and cream separately, but when it comes together, it’s like a completely different word for her.

However, her cute misunderstanding can be excused as she says, ‘dada loves mama’ in a friendly tone. Towards the end, it’s frustrating for to say the word she starts acting cranky and needs a hug from her ‘dada.’ Her dad tries to bribe his daughter on giving a hug only if she says ice-cream. She again says ‘comsonose’ and her father ends the video by saying ‘You are cute.’

WATCH the video below:

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