Heartbreaking Video Shows Boy Explaining How He’s Bullied In School

School time is the best days of childhood, says everyone. But it also envelopes the dark experience of bullying within the seemingly happy school days. Despite teachers and parents’ constant effort to prevent bullying, students continue to harras their peers in all possible ways. Bullying is a serious problem and its effect last more than just minutes. For instance, take this little boy crying his heart out, Keaton Jones.

The video below opens up with the innocent boy asking “Just out of curiosity, why do they bully?” The boy is in tears and doesn’t understand why some people find amusement in being mean to innocent people. Keaton was born with a tumor. He had to undergo numerous surgeries and it affected the appearance of his face. But how does that allow his friends and classmates to pick on him?

poor boy gets bullied

In the video, Keaton shares that some bullies surrounded him and poured milk over him in the cafeteria. They even went as further as sliding ham down his shirt calling him ugly. He then goes on to say this and it breaks our heart.

“It’s not okay. People that are different don’t need to be criticized about it. Hey, it’s not their fault.”

WATCH this heartbreaking video in which he asks why the bullies target just him in school.

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