Queen’s guards break formation for this little boy’s birthday wish

It is said that the British Queen’s Guards are supposed to be in perfect formation and are expected to remain still while on duty– aside from the usual marching up and down from time to time. These are some of the rules they follow to effectively guard and protect the Queen. They also get to speak on some occasions but most of the time they just stand around not moving.

A boy named Marshall just turned 4 years old, and this little boy, according to his mom adores the Queen’s Guards and he’s probably their no. 1 fan! So for his birthday, his mother decided to take him to see the British Queen’s Changing the Guard ceremony outside Windsor Castle. The little boy felt ecstatic by the mere thought, that he even wore his very own mini Queen’s Guard uniform to blend in. While the ceremony was taking place, Marshall got to see his idols marching in and as they got close, nobody expected what happened next.

As little Marshall watches by the sidelines while making a big salute, some of the guards came marching in, and just when everyone thought they were going to bypass the little kid, one of the guards turn back around and calls his mini-me to come forward. Marshall, without any hesitation, took the chance and happily posed his salute beside the Guard while his mom takes a photo of them. Everybody who saw Marshall and Guard was surprised and touched by the cute scene.

Take a look at their posing on the video below. Aren’t this pair the most adorable?

Marshall happily returned to his mother’s side after the guard went back inside with the others. This is definitely a birthday to remember for this little man.

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