Female Inmate cries for help while giving birth alone, Officers took no action

With each passing day, our faith in humanity decreases further. People are so full of hatred that all we ever hear about are wars, murders, robbery, etc. Such crimes are heinous and even so when the police are involved!

Diana Sanchez was arrested in Colorado for identity theft. The accused was 8 months pregnant then. Two weeks later, she experienced extreme labour pains to the point that she was bleeding. Her lawyer, Mari Newman argues that any layman can understand that its time to go to the hospital.

Realizing that her cries for help were useless, Sanchez struggled her way out of her sweatpants. Eventually, she gave birth to a baby boy on a thin, plastic mattress. Later, a male nurse assigned to the jail along with a female correctional officer enters the cell. All this while, the correctional officers were allegedly watching her yell in excruciating pain.

What’s more shocking is that the jail denies all the accusations and insists that they did the needful. Watch the surveillance footage below and decide if their claims should be believed or not

No human should be treated the way Sanchez was. SHARE this video with as many people as possible to ensure that justice is served.