Motorcyclist Acts Quickly Seeing A Horrified Kitten At The Middle Of The Road

It just takes a little empathy and quick wit to make a difference. Sometimes with these two virtues, one can even save a life from the clutches of danger. If only everyone starts incorporating these small sentiments, the world can become a better place. The video below gives us hope…

Meet ‘Quentin’, a biker who was riding his bike in Mons, Belgium. While on the go, he spotted something furry in the middle of the road. He quickly makes a stop and rushes to get a closer look. A man in a car also pulls over to help the biker stop the traffic and get to the scared kitten.

After gently picking up the kitten, the two French rescuers discuss how it must have reached there all alone. Quentin expresses his wish of taking the lost kitten home had he not been allergic to cats. The other man offers to take the kitten and look after it.

WATCH the orange kitten trembling in fear as the two kind men bring her back to safety.

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