This Doctor Is Going Viral For Showing People How They Can Lower Their Medical Bills If They Don’t Have Insurance

There are few things a professional has knowledge and experience on that can easily slip from an ordinary individual’s perspective. In a similar context, a doctor is going viral for helping people to lower their medical bills. Especially if they are not covered by insurance.

Dr. Jenaya Calderilla is a licensed physician. She has worked in diverse settings during her term, such as medicine, outpatient ward, hospice, and many more. For the time being, she is practicing as a wound care specialist. Recently the other month Dr. Jenaya went viral in Tik Tok. In her three-part series, she taught people how to negotiate medical bills.

The first part includes the item breakdown. This helps you get a clear vision if the changes are fair. And the price thus charged is reasonable too. Another piece of advice comes as a direct approach. Ask for a lower price if you cannot afford the total bill. The hospitals have specific payment options that can come in handy. Furthermore, she adds, the hospital wants to help you. All you have to do is honestly coordinate with them.

Please press play and enjoy this helpful information.

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