Groom laughs like a baby when best man’s pants suddenly fell down during the big day

The part where people usually loosen up and have a bit of fun is at the wedding receptions, where they get to dance, drink and laugh. At the ceremony though, everyone is expected to be formal because of the certain level of solemnity required. As much as we want to be serious and listen to the tear-jerking exchange of vows, there are just some unexpected situations where we just can’t help but burst into laughter. This one particular wedding is the perfect example of what I’m trying to say.

The best man at this wedding really proved to be one of the best as something unintentionally hilarious happened to him in front of the altar. While everyone was wrapped around the on-going wedding ceremony, the best man and maid of honor were called upon to assist the couple. As they stood there listening to the priest in front of everyone, nobody expected what happened next. The best man’s pants suddenly fell to his knees exposing his boxer shorts’ behind for everyone to see!

The guests were shocked with humor and couldn’t control their laughter as he immediately pulls his pants up with the best efforts. The groom also came to the rescue trying to help him but couldn’t resist laughing at what had happened. Everyone was trying to hold back their giggles as the priest made a little joke about the incident to lighten up the mood and lessen the best man’s embarrassing moment. As they continue with the ceremony, the bride and groom were instructed to hold hands and face each other– but apparently, they were still hung up from the little incident and made occasional giggles. The groom though was fighting so hard not to laugh that he keeps on cracking up throughout the whole ceremony.

Take a look at the best man’s hilarious little moment below.

Though it was quite embarrassing, the best man was pretty amused himself and handled it with such admirable coolness. Surely, that was one heck of a wedding to remember.

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