Smugglers threaten to kill onlookers if they call cops while landing drugs on beach – didn’t know they were being filmed

People at the beach were shocked, as a group of thugs smuggles cannabis at Costa Del Sol beach in the middle of the day. In the video, it can be seen that bags of alleged marijuana are being loaded into a 4×4 car that is parked in the sand just close to the water, and the drugs were coming from a speedboat at the shore. It took them only 3 minutes to transfer the drugs from the boat to the getaway car.

Many people were present at the scene, and it was all caught on video. When the car was on the run, they almost stumble over two groups of sunbathers lying on the beach in their towels, one dude on black trunks and white cap can be seen a couple of feet away as they smuggled the cannabis. The drug traffickers threatened to kill the witnesses if they called the police, one of them was heard angrily shouting: “The mobile. If you call, I’ll kill you”, it was all recorded on the video.

Someone could also be heard in the video saying that the thugs have been for there for hours since early in the morning making sure that there were no police officers at the scene. Police union representatives stated that this is a sign that more assets need to be added to handle the terror of drug traffickers.

The country is policed with, the National Police and the Civil Guard, and they handle different operations. Jose Encinas, a Civil Guard union representative stated that these thugs act like this because there are not enough police to handle thorough investigation. He also stated that an investigation is being made, but no arrest thus far.

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