Bears Are Helpless After Wildfire Burns Their Paws So Vets Try A New Treatment

The wildlife fire and its aftermath have no doubt been devastating for humans and climate change. But the situation is even worse for the animals residing in the wild. The rescue teams put in the extra hours during such times. In hopes of finding affected animals and try to recover them.

In Southern California, two bears and a mountain lion were brought in for third-degree burn in their paws. If this wasn’t sad enough, one of the grizzly bears was pregnant. The animals could hardly walk, let alone hunt or climb trees. Without proper treatment, the chances of them surviving in the wild were minimum. Initially, the veterinarians at the University of California began with usual treatment. Their hands were covered in bandages.

bears wildfire burns treat

However, due to the extreme burn, the bandages had to be changed repeatedly. And the animals living in the wild are not used to being around humans and can easily get riled up. So, the team had to anesthetize them during the changing process.

“You can only anesthetize them so many times,” Jamie Peyton, chief of the Integrative Medicine Service in the university, said.

Furthermore, animals tend to tear off the bandages and eat some in the process, which can harm their digestive tract. The vets tried a new treatment that assured quicker recovery and less pain in the process. Instead of bandages, they wrapped the paws with fish skin and corn husks. The fish skin has previously been tested to treat burn victims in Brazil and showed excellent results.

After several weeks, the beers were returned to the wild. On the other hand, the mountain lion was too young to survive in the wild with burnt paws (recovering in the process). So, it was sent to Northern California to a care facility.

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