Barber Recommends Shy Client Grow a Beard, Not Knowing It Would Change His Life

Opportunities don’t knock on the door. They just walk in, and we just need to stay vigilant to make the proper usage. Similar is the story of Gwilym Pugh, whose life took a whole new spin. After a few significant changes and a suggestion from a barber changed the entire persona of Pugh.

Gwilym started his insurance company in his spare room in Wales. Due to his non-stop hard work, the company begins to achieve new heights. However, his health gradually begins to deteriorate as a side effect of sitting all day. The shares were going up, and so was his weight.

Pugh gained 280 pounds. He realized it was time to make some healthy choices. During a typical talk with his barber, a former member of a folk band suggested, to grow a beard. Gwilym was making major changes in his eating habits in addition to the beard. Over five years, he lost 90 pounds.

During this time, he was presented with ample opportunities. The founder of the insurance company opened an Instagram page. Welsh tailor Nathan Palmer approached Pugh and signed a contract with AMCK Models. One of London’s finest modeling agencies. Furthermore, he shares his insecurity and how he overcome them by making healthy decisions.

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