This Video of Toddler Dancing With Her Bus Driver Will Have You Grinning

We all have that one song that we jam to non-stop, regardless of the time and place. We may not go in full swing being an adult and all. But if anyone could put the feeling in perspective, it’s this adorable toddler.

Back in 2018, Brette-Ashley Schmitt, the mother, posted the following video. Since then, the clip has garnered over million views. The family was possibly on a trip to Disneyland. As they were coming close to the stop. Emerson, the two-year-old’s favorite song, began playing on the radio. Once she told the driver, she loved the song. He stooped the vehicle, and the two began jamming.

Something so simple has made million people happy. They really get into the music; the toddlers grooves her hips and pointe her fingers as she shakes it off. It didn’t take long for the video to go viral. Ashley posted the clip again, captioning to help find the kind driver. She even mentioned talk show Ellen and Kelly Clarkson to help track him.

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