Bear Fleeing Another Bear Surprises Hunters In Treestand

Living in the wild or having to work in the wild can be very dangerous. You never know what sort of eventful day you will have to go through.

This is one of the most amusing yet very shocking videos you will have ever seen. Nothing in this world will scare a human-like a wild beast coming recklessly at you. What one is also scared of is the lack of sensibility and rationality in a beast. Humans are never safe from animals but sometimes, you just might get lucky.

In this video, you see how the bigger bear despises other bears and chases after them. The hunter in this video took a “selfie video” to show the shock on his face and how the bears took him off guard. The black bear just joined him in a way the man had not expected so his reaction is quite natural.

You will be shocked by how things went here. Watch the full video below!

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