This Beagle Slowly But Surely Makes a New Friend – A Rescued Sloth!

It’s always fun to watch animal friendship videos on the internet, but here’s one I wanted to post because it’s so unusual. I’ve seen dog friendships with cats, ducks, chickens and even turtles, but never one like this: a sloth!

Chewie the sloth came to these owners two years ago as a rescue after he had been electrocuted by a powerline. “He was absolutely terrified and had no idea what was going on,” the owner Juan Carlos said.

As he regained his strength little by little, he discovered Seven, the family beagle. But Chewie was scared of Seven and tried to stay away from him. Seven was undeterred, however, and kept following Chewie around, imitating him as an attempt at friendship.

Eventually Seven wore Chewie down and the sloth gradually began to make friends. Now, the owner says, whenever Seven is around Chewie showers him with love. He’s overjoyed to have this new friend! This is such a heartwarming story.

This is so fun. Watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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