If You Get Stranded, This Battery & Gum Trick Will Save Your Life!

This video by YouTuber Grant Thompson aka “The King of Random” will blow your mind. You are going to be stunned at what he did when he took some gum wrappers and a flashlight battery and brought them together. You might not chew gum, but after you see THIS demonstration by Grant, you will no doubt want to try it out for yourself.

While showing this incredible trick, he also wants to warn that open flames are fire hazards and may cause burns. You should not try this near any flammable materials. Use caution and he also suggests wearing gloves since it could get really hot really fast. You can even rip the wrapper up yourself if you don’t have any scissors on you.


Watch this fascinating video below! Did you know about this before? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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