Dad Leaves His Son in Stitches, Seconds Later He Cracks Up as Baby Sounds Just Like a Sheep

Babies are a joy to be around. They are adorable, amusing, and quite funny – what is there not to love?! Babies also have the most contagious laughter. When they start chuckling, their infectious giggles somehow transfer onto us. Just take for example, the cute little baby boy featured in the video below. This little kid has a very funny and unique laugh. And it manages to crack up even his father! Wait till you see what his camera captured one day.

The dad looked his little boy in the eye, while mom held the camera in order to capture the sweet moment that was about to unfold. The baby boy is as happy as could be, and when dad starts talking to him, he immediately cracks up. But what caught everyone’s attention is the sound that came out of his mouth. You see, this kid’s laughter is quite special. Why? Because he laughs like a sheep! It is as unforgettable as it is hysterical.

The baby found dad’s voice to be funny, so he couldn’t hold back his laughter. And the more dad talked, the more he started laughing. Dad on the other hand couldn’t hold back his own laughter when he heard his baby. Watch this adorable video below! Did this clip bring a smile to your face? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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