Rescue Puppy Can’t Stop Hanging Out With His Favorite Cow

Meet Sri Ram. This adorable puppy from the Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary has ended up befriending a very unlikely animal. Sri Ram’s bond with Bernie the cow has recently been melting the internet. They both came together out of some difficult circumstances, but now they have one other.

When Juliana Castañeda, founder of Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, found four puppies alone in the woods, she instantly took them in.

Juliana managed to find forever homes for three of the four pups on a trip to the U.S. Sadly, Sri Ram remained behind.

Sri Ram was moved to an area of the sanctuary where older dogs were kept so that he could be pals with them, however, he ended up becoming best friends a cow instead.

Bernie was rescued from slaughter to live at the sanctuary. When Sri Ram and Bernie first met, they just clicked.

It was probably because they were both so young. Sri Ram was five months old and Bernie was three months old. Or maybe they could sense that they both needed love.

Bernie and Sri Ram are inseparable today. The duo does everything together, from sleeping to playing!

They might be from different species and they might have a big difference in size, but they don’t really care.

Sri Ram and Bernie also love hanging out with the older dogs and their human friends.

Bernie actually think he is a dog!

Bernie and Sri Ram will spend the rest of their lives together at the sanctuary. They will not be separated.

To keep them company, they have Juliana’s huge family consisting of a horse, pig, quail, pigeon, some rabbits, chickens, turtles, 13 cats and 35 dogs!

Featured below is the duo in action!

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