Baby Does NOT Want Ice Cream – Until She Finally Tastes It

We all know people like this: “I don’t want it, I don’t want it–oh, hey wait a minute, that’s pretty good…” This video shows a baby version of no-no-yes that’s pretty funny to watch.

In this case, Mom is holding an ice cream cone and baby obviously wants nothing to do with it. She frowns, cries, pushes it away–anything to keep from having to eat any of it. She’s never had it before, clearly doesn’t want any and is upset with Mom for continuing to try.

But Mom keep trying and finally, Baby gets a little taste and that’s where the fun starts. Her little expression is at first a little confused but pretty quickly she decides, “Hey, that is pretty good–maybe I want some more of that!”

This is heartwarming and funny. Watch the short clip below and let us know what you think of Baby’s reaction in the Facebook comments.

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