Precious baby is full of energy, this video is leaving the internet in smiles

Baby animals are some of the cutest creatures out there. This might be one of the reasons why we love them so much. They are also known to be very innocent and carefree in their ways. If you are ever feeling down, just go on the internet and watch them. It will surely lift you up. The video below features a very adorable baby donkey that is going to melt your heart.

This precious miniature donkey is less two weeks old, but he is one of the most energetic things you will ever see in your life. His liveliness has made him an internet sensation – making this video go instantly viral. He has been dubbed as the happiest donkey in the world. His mother sits off to the side and watches him frolic around through her fly mask. The mask helps keep pests out of her face. According to their owners, the baby donkey will be let out in a big pasture once he becomes old enough.

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