Baby Girl Disturbs Big Brother’s Sleep But His Reaction After Waking Up Will Warm Your Heart

Siblings have a wonderful bond between them. Their relationship, no matter how weird, is always very strong. They can fight like cats and dogs, they can have misunderstandings, but these negative feelings don’t last long because they are our family and we love them.

The video below features a little girl called Remi. She is just eight months old but she loves her big bother, Drew, with all her heart. Drew is three, and in the clip, we can see him on the couch sleeping. But Remi wants to play. So with a little help from her mother, the tiny baby manages to wake up her sibling. Most of us would lose it if someone disturbed us during our nap. We would be irritated and cranky, but not Drew. Instead of getting furious, the little boy shows us how much love he has in his heart for the little girl.

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