Puppies Run Up To Their German Shepherd Dad But The Older Dog Responds Is Adorable

Many people tend to believe that animals don’t have any feelings. But they couldn’t be more wrong. Animals are filled with emotions just like humans. It’s just that they express their emotions in a different way than we do. Just take for example the adorable and happy family featured in the video below.

The cute German Shepherd in the clip is playing with his little puppies. When the video starts, we can see him staring at the back of a parked car as if he wants to attack it. But that’s when the tiny pups start coming out from under it. You can tell that he is a bit nervous about the litter, but he still plays along. He frolics around with the little ones in a very goofy manner. You are going to be smiling from ear to ear when you see them have fun together!

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