This Little Girl Has A Special Wish For Christmas, It Will Definitely Make You Cry You Heart Out.

Christmas in finally here. It is called a season of celebrations and gatherings and gifts. Family members that are far away from home return back, even if only for a short time. But not all households get that chance; and it is especially true if someone from your family serves in the military.

The video below features a little girl from Tar River Elementary near Raleigh, N.C. This little girl is named Bethany Arnold. When Santa visited her school, every kid in her class got a gift they had asked for. But Bethany had only one request – to bring her daddy home for Christmas. Bethany’s dad, Wyndal Arnold, is a contractor in Iraq. He’s been working on Iraq’s much-needed electrical infrastructure. It sounded like an impossible wish, but wait till you see what Santa did then!

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