Army Vet Who Vowed Never To Give Up On Lost Dog Reunites With Him 4 Years Later

One of the saddest things that could happen to an individual is losing their pet. Once you welcome these companions to your home, it hardly takes time to establish a close bond with your pets. All because they are warm, tender, and faithful.

The unfortunate incident took place in 2016 when the family of an Army vet was getting ready for their vacation.  Michael Joy and his family were packing for a trip when all the three dogs the family-owned broke loose. Two of them came back, Sadly the youngest one, Sam, only four months of age, didn’t make it back. But Joy had hope. He never gave up the search for Sam.

A few years later, the family moved from  Benning, Georgia, to Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Even then, Joy didn’t give up the confidence of finding his further companion. Almost after five years, the day finally came when Joy received a call from City Dogs Cleveland. From the other side, a Lady’s voice utters those unbelievable words; We have your dog. Joy didn’t believe them at first cause Sam got lost in Georgia. Now they were 823 miles. Nonetheless, he visited the center, and there he was, wagging his tail in excitement.

Please press play and enjoy this heartwarming reunion.

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