Neighbors Point Camera at Family’s House So Couple Hangs This to Block Their View

Neighbors can be either very friendly and helpful or ridiculous. It all depends on where you live or just on what types of people you live around.

When it comes to neighbors, Megan Reid has not been very lucky. This woman went through all sorts of struggles because of her pathetic and disrespectful neighbors. They have a thing for invading people’s privacy. The neighbors filmed Megan and her husband without their permission. She took the matters into their own hands and blocked their neighbor’s view by hanging three t-shirts with sarcastic graphics.

The neighbors were not pleased and even dared to involve the police in such a petty situation. Thankfully, Megan had recorded enough videos for the police to see. She even posted these videos on TikTok and the audience started giving her suggestions on how to put an end to this petty fight. Sadly though, Megan and her husband had to move houses and their awful neighbors had a good laugh in the end.

But, we are not complaining because Megan and her husband can live peacefully. Hopefully, no one will invade the couple’s privacy from now on.

Watch the full video below!

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