Andrea Bocelli Steals the Show With Epic Cover of Phantom of the Opera

Having dedication and the right motivation to do something can take us further than just being talented. Over the years, we have heard one amazing story after another. Many renowned singers, artists, even footballers that we know of have faced a devasting failure in their life.

However, these belong to the groups who didn’t give up and never did until they reach the very top. One such genius is Andrea Boccelli. Even before he was born, doctors were able to diagnose his forthcoming disabilities.  Hence the doctors even suggested a termination was. But Andrea’s mother went against all the odds and gave birth. Like predicted, Andrea’s had congenital glaucoma.

His condition got worse at the age of 12. Hence, he took sports and began playing in their Tuscan village. The situation didn’t get any better, and Andrea permanently lost his sight. Andrea didn’t give up on his dream. He started giving auditions in different shows until he became a global sensation with an equally talented family. His magnificent voice not only allures people from all over the world but keeps them captivated through the entire show.

Please press play and enjoy this amazing show.

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