Couple Adopts 9-year-old Russian Girl Only to Become Afraid and Return Her

Adoption is a good thing. Any child who needs a home deserves one while any parent who wants a child deserves one.

However, children are not the easiest to deal with. Mostly when you don’t know how the child is or what he or she is going through. Crystal and Jesse adopted a little girl from Russia and named her Caralee. Everything was going sound until the kid started throwing fits of anger at the couple. This child was nothing like they expected.

It was one time that she even tried to kill her little brother. This frightened the couple who later took Caralee to a psychiatrist. She showed the early symptoms of homicide. After some years, a woman named Sabrina contacted the couple and they found out about Caralee’s side of the story.

They also found out that Sabrina was, in fact, Caralee who now lives with her husband and children. Watch the full video below!

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