17-Yr-Old Student Flying Solo When Landing Gear Fails – Watch What She Does

Imagine flying solo when you’re a student pilot–it has to be pretty stressful. Now imagine the stress if your landing gear doesn’t open. Well here’s a clip about a teenager faced with that exact situation, and how she handled it just like a professional.

Most of us remember how stressful it was learning to drive and we can probably imagine that would be multiplied a bit learning how to fly. Then think of flying solo, with an instructor watching from the ground and talking in your ear. Now think about coming in for a landing and a failure light coming on, telling you that your landing gear will not open.

That’s exactly what happened to Maggie Taraska, a 17-year-old student pilot who was flying solo and was told half of her landing gear was missing so she had to attempt a skid landing and hope it went okay.

Watch the full video below of this brave girl and how cool she remains under pressure, and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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