Mothers might have a strong bond with her children but a  strong relationship between a father and his children is much more special. It has a different kind of sweetness to it. And this video is proof of that very statement.

Here, a dad and his toddler son are watching television together. And they are engaged in some seriously heated argument. Both of them go back and forth talking about how they liked the TV series they were watching. And the surprising thing is that the baby is only 19-months-old.

adorable dad son moment

DJ Pryor was watching the finale of Empire when his 19-month-old toddler Kingston decided to join him. And as the show ended, DJ had some opinions about it. And since there was no one around except his son, he decided to get his opinion on it.

Thus, the father-son duo engages in some pretty heated argument. DJ asks Kingston what did he think of the finale. And Kingston starts speaking gibberish. DJ then tries to make out what his son is saying and replies to him accordingly. Hence, there begins one of the most adorable father-son conversations ever captured.

WATCH the adorable conversation between DJ and his son Kingston below.

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