Father-Son ‘Sofa Banter’ is So Hilarious and Sweet It Has Over 100M Views

Mothers might have a strong bond with her children but a  strong relationship between a father and his children is much more special. It has a different kind of sweetness to it. And this video is proof of that very statement.

The man in the video is comedian DJ Pryor and the baby is his 19-month-old son, Kingston. DJ was watching the finale of Empire when Kingston decided to join him. And as the show ended, DJ had some opinions about it. And since there was no one around except his son, he decided to get Kingston’s take. The only problem was Kingston’s words are completely unintelligible!

adorable dad son moment

But the “sofa banter” has gone viral, with over 100 million views around the world on multiple social media platforms. The two have become stars, even getting a commercial from the restaurant chain Denny’s.

“I think you just see a father connecting with his child, which you don’t often see,” DJ said. “So when you see that, it resonated with people, it felt like it was organic–and it was.”

WATCH the adorable conversation between DJ and his son Kingston below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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