Four Boys Save Skinny, Abandoned Dog Tied With Bungee Cords

Children are the foundations of the future, and there is no denying that statement. Likewise, this is a story of four kind fellows doing an outstanding job.

Kenny (13), Kenneth (11), Kevin (7), and Andrew (7) were helping an older woman move apartments. In the midst of this help, they encountered a dog tangled and tied in bungee cords. Hence, the heroes made their minds to rescue the poor buddy, Sparkle. After freeing the dog, they fed her, wrapped her around with their coat to keep warm.

Furthermore, Detroit Pit Crew Rescue was at the right time in the right place. They talked to the kids, and the tale was an open book. As Sparkle was suffering from mange, the team decided to get her medical attention. Needless to say, they praised the toddlers and promoted the good deed. I hope you enjoy this kindhearted action. Please share your thoughts in the feed.

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