This Goose Was Guarding Her Eggs, but Look Who Guards Her

I love watching unlikely pairs of animals getting along. The following video features one of these unbelievable, yet totally adorable friendships. You are going to be in awe when you see this touching clip for yourself!

Animal experts say geese mate for life, so if one dies, the other is in for a difficult time. Male geese are supposed to defend their nests, while females stay and hatch the eggs. In this video a mother goose is seen by herself, sitting a nest she’s made in a cemetery urn. Her male companion is nowhere to be found.

But amazingly, a deer takes up the mantle of her protector! He constantly watches over he and even attempt to keep humans from approaching the nest.

Watch this amazing video below. Let us know how admirable this deer is in your comments!

[ytvid id=”XXSPaFI4ZM8″]

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