9-Year-Old Dancer Shows Fiery Jazz Moves Winning First Place

Children are at their prime level of talent these days. Take Relinda Kozol, the little girl who stunned her onlookers during a Jazzy performance. She is only nine but sure has the skills that had everyone’s eyes glued on throughout the act.

The footage comes from the NUVO Bellevue 2020 dance competition held in the PULSE Dance Center. The little girl participated in this event and showcased a perfect routine that must have taken her hours or even days to practice and perfect. The end results surely paid off. As the host called her name. She takes a stand on the shadowy stage, dressed in a shimmery outfit donning a vibrant pink hat.

As soon as the musical number from Victor/Victoria, “Le Jazz Hot,” comes on the speakers, Relinda starts her magic. She begins the innovative choreography. With her high kicks and seamless splits, the younger dancer has every viewer bemused. Above it all, the facial expression takes it home. Kozol has come prepared with facial gestures for every step. From acting happy to shocked and that energy level is just the cherry on top.

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