He returns with a Knife, But this Brave Lady won’t give up without a Fight!

Crimes can happen anytime, anywhere. It takes some presence of mind and a LOT of courage to stop one or at least make the criminal reconsider his decision. While most of us would panic in the following situation, this Californian woman fights back and we cannot be more proud!

The video features Concepcion Escalante who single-handedly handles her family’s car insurance company. A man with a straw hat walked in and struck a conversation with her and Escalante noticed no red flags. Thereafter, the thief said he’ll be back after getting his license from his car. But when he was back, he was wearing a different hat and carrying a knife!

WATCH the terrifying video of the thief violently grabbing the victim’s hair while trying to stab her. Kudos to Escalante for giving a good fight. Fortunately, she didn’t get any deep wounds.

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