8-Month-Old Doesn’t Know How To Talk But Still Gives Dad An Earful

The very first words from your babies are always the dearest for the parents. Hence, parents wait impatiently for their child to utter their first mama or dada. The ability to begin the speech differs in babies. Some start babbling words at just seven months old in contrast to others who might be late bloomers.

During this time, children make unintelligible noises. The surrounding profoundly influence this ability. The tots tend to mimic a lot daily and showcase these little fragments of knowledge through myriads of ways. Like our little girl who went viral for her conversation with daddy.


In the viral video, a girl dressed in pink is giving an earful to her dad. The fact that she can’t form words, let alone sentences, is not stopping her from having an intense conversation with her father. The dad is paying his undivided attention to his angel.
However, it doesn’t take long before he bursts into laughter. I mean, who wouldn’t. The whole scenario is hilarious.

The chatty toddlers hardly stop even after daddy starts laughing. Furthermore, she gives out a questionable expression. If you have a similar gibberish story of your children or grandchildren. Do share them in the feed.

Please press play and enjoy. Kindly share this video with your loved ones and help spread laughter among them too.