3-year-old Wins 1st Place With Adorable Routine

When you pick up a new hobby, you don’t need to be good at it from the first. You are going to have a few stumbles and falls, and there will come a time when you’ll want to give up. But that is the time when you need to push harder. Take this 3-year-old girl, for example!

It had only been eight weeks that little Brynn Cartagena first stood up on ice blades. Although this toddler has been ice skating for only two months, she went to the Magnolia Ice Skate Competition in 2014. The little girl in pink goes to the center confidently after the host announces her name. She stumbles a bit on the way, but picks herself right back and even waves at the crowd!

ice skating 3yrold

The girl with ribbons in hair strikes her starting pose in the middle of the rink. But wait till the music starts! “The Muffin Man” starts to play and the girl flies off. She looks adorable as she glides across the rink and dances. Additionally, she even does an incredible stunt with her ice blades! However, it’s her fantastic spins that are the highlight of the adorable performance! Watch it below:

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