3-year-old Tries to Break Board in Taekwondo Class and Succeeds With Flying Colors

With determination and a little practice, anyone can do anything. This little girl from Puerto Rico struggles to break a board during a Taekwondo demo. But how she comes around finally breaking it will leave you in hysterics.

3-year-old Llaumigely is an adorable girl on her way to be a kung fu master. With a blue cape on, the tiny supergirl has to complete a challenging obstacle in her martial art demo. Specifically, she has to break a fine board with her foot. Her instructor tries to teach the little girl how to break it. However, she doesn’t understand what she’s supposed to do!

taekwondo girl

Instead, Llaumigely imitates her instructor. She does whatever her teacher does, even pointing at what her teacher is trying to show her! At one point, the instructor demonstrates the move with one of the boards. At last, the girl has mastered the movement and breaks the board in one swift motion. But the way she does it will leave you in stitches! You have to watch the hilarious demo below:

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