Police Officer Chases a Stolen Car. But It Was This K9 Dog Who Saved the Day

Being a police is a tough job. You’re always in the presence of a threat. And you still need to stay alert. But the good thing is some police officers get to do their duty with their K9. Police dogs are vicious animals. And they won’t think twice before tearing criminals down. K9 dogs are usually used for drug cases. But in this video, we see a K9 fulfilling his police duties to the fullest.

A sheriff’s deputy is on a high-speed chase. And he had his canine partner o duty with him. They were chasing two thieves on a stolen vehicle. While looking for a place to ditch the car, the thieves crashed into a utility pole. And the wise thing they thought of doing was to flee. However, the officer and his dog weren’t going to leave them alone.

k9 chases thieves

As soon as the car crashed, the officer got off his vehicle. And he released his K9 partner as well. Two thieves were running two different directions. So, the officer ordered his dog to chase one of the thieves. And he quickly arrested the next one. But when he called out his dog, there was no answer.

The police got worried, and he called for backup. And he went straight to look for his dog with the arrested criminal accompanying him. He called for his dog a lot, but there was no answer. But after running for a while, he finally heard his dog whining. And what he saw was that the dog had captured the thieve. The backup arrived soon, and both the thieves got arrested. WATCH the thrilling police chase video below.

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