3-yr-old girl steps in the ice rink with skates. Now, pay attention to her little feet

They say if you’re naturally talented, it shows from an early age. Most people don’t even have to put in a lot of effort. And for this 3-year-old Russian ice skater, dancing on ice was something that came naturally. The way she could move in the ice was hard for even a lot of adults.

She was one when she was first introduced to ice skating. And in just two years, she was untouchable. At only three years old, she glides across the ice like a professional who’s been doing it for years.

3 year old ice skater

Many kids that age would not even know how to spell their names correctly. But for this Russian-born dancer, she is making people scream her name while in the ice rink. And it’s safe to say that she knows very well what she’s doing. And that she’s good at it.

WATCH the amazing performance by the 3-year-old below.

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