You’ve Got to See this Easy Potato Recipe That’s Grabbed 1.7+ Million Views in 8 Days!

Here’s an incredibly easy recipe for a great side dish that only has three ingredients. It was just posted about a week ago and already has over 1.7 million views!

The great thing is it can be made with potatoes from the pantry or, if you have leftover potatoes that have already been cooked, you can try it with that!  Mashed or boiled potatoes would work well, but other kinds might also be great.

3-Ingredient Potato Recipe

This is a surprisingly simple recipe with only the three ingredients shown, plus a little cooking oil for handling and frying.

  • potatoes
  • corn starch
  • salt

The video shows a delicious-looking fried side dish as a result, but you could also make it healthier (if that’s your thing) by baking or air frying the potato florets. Watch the full video below!

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