30 People And A Crane Spend 28 Hours In An Attempt To Rescue A Beached Whale!

Most people go to the beach, intending to have a fun day. This might be anything from surfing the waves to laying under the sun! But what if you are confronted with an enormous living sea creature on the sand? Likewise, these people did not expect that they’d be spending the whole day saving a whale’s life when they went to the beach!

A lot about ocean life is still a mystery. And whale beaching is one of those puzzling phenomenons. Scientists think these strandings happen due to bad weather, changes in water temperature, and even disruption in echolocation. However, none of these has been accepted as universal reasoning! But when beachgoers saw a humpback whale in the shore of Mar del Tuyu, 200 miles south of Buenos Aires, Argentina, they spent the next 28 hours attempting the rescue.

beached whale rescue

Thirty people were working round the clock to help the whale return to the water. Moreover, they even brought in a crane to hoist the creature while others dug trenches underneath the whale. Unfortunately, all this hard work was going nowhere, and the whale was becoming weaker. But the people didn’t give up! And they came up with the idea of using a tugboat to pull the whale using harnesses. Luckily, this did the job, and the whale was swimming in deep water in no time!

Watch the incredible rescue effort below:

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