Professional Stylists Reveal Top Ten Women’s Hairstyle Trends for the Year

Now that we’re well into 2023, hairstylists are weighing in on the best trends for the year. Here’s the top ten styles they are seeing according to Southern Living magazine:

01 – Textured Layers

This look is especially popular with fine hair since layers ensure you don’t lose too much volume.

02 – Short and Wild Shag.

The magazine says this is definitely the cool girl-cut of the bunch.

03 – Blunt Collarbone Cut

They say most flattering length is cut right at the collarbone.

04 – Soft Curbed Bob

Much like the Hollywood bobs of yesteryear – soft ends, flattering curves, deep side part.

05 – Cheekbone Grazing 90s Bob

Razor-sharp lines, super-glossy strands

06 – Mia Wallace Bob

Right out of the movie Pulp Fiction.

07 – Wispy Bangs

Especially attractive with wavy or curly hair.

08 – Blunt Textured Cut

Makes hair look thicker, especially with textured bend in the body.

09 – Curtain Bangs

According to the stylists, they are “super stylish and a little bit retro.”

10 – Mini Blunt Bob

A mini-bob that grazes the chin ensures you show off your texture.

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