With the new year come new hairstyles and it looks like short will be in during 2023. Here’s the top ten styles we’ll be seeing according to Southern Living magazine:

01 – Textured Layers

This look is especially popular with fine hair since layers ensure you don’t lose too much volume.

02 – Short and Wild Shag.

The magazine says this is definitely the cool girl-cut of the bunch.

03 – Blunt Collarbone Cut

They say most flattering length is cut right at the collarbone.

04 – Soft Curbed Bob

Much like the Hollywood bobs of yesteryear – soft ends, flattering curves, deep side part.

05 – Cheekbone Grazing 90s Bob

Razor-sharp lines, super-glossy strands

06 – Mia Wallace Bob

Right out of the movie Pulp Fiction.

07 – Wispy Bangs

Especially attractive with wavy or curly hair.

08 – Blunt Textured Cut

Makes hair look thicker, especially with textured bend in the body.

09 – Curtain Bangs

According to the stylists, they are “super stylish and a little bit retro.”

10 – Mini Blunt Bob

A mini-bob that grazes the chin ensures you show off your texture.

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