Bryant Collin was just out of prison and started to live his life as an auto repairman when his life took a dramatic turn. Collin was driving along Highway 72 when he spotted a small crawling object, perhaps a baby!

He could not really think of anything at the moment but hit the brake immediately. Finding a lost baby on a dangerous path confused Bryant to death. However, he got out of his vehicle and went to the baby. Thankfully, the baby did not have any severe injuries. The ex-con comforted the blonde toddler and dialed 911 at once. He even comforted her and made her listen to the gospel until help arrived.

The emergency personnel found out that she was left with her three siblings when they traced her path. The officers found the baby’s parents outside the house. They arrested and charged both the parents for reckless conduct and child cruelty.

However, for Bryant, it was a life-changing experience. He believes he has done enough amount of bad deeds and now his good deed will live with him too. Hopefully, the little girl will remember his act of kindness when she grows up.

Watch the full story in the video below!

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