There are many gifted kids all over the planet. Featured in the clip below is one of these amazing kids. This little man is called William Stokkebroe and he is going to drop your jaw for sure. William is only two years old, but he has already managed to impress millions of people on the internet with his dance moves. The following footage of him dancing has received more than 34 million views on YouTube alone!

During a gala opening event, William managed to show off incredible footwork. He is really amazing for his age. The little boy learned how to dance thanks to his parents, Kristina and Peter, and also from other dancers at studie43. The video below shows him doing the jive, a type of ballroom dancing that is pretty hard for someone of William’s age to pick up. However, as you can see, William nailed his moves! Can you even imagine how good he is going to get when he grows up!

The audience lost their minds when they saw the little boy enter the stage. They really enjoyed watching his routine, and as you can see, William himself was enjoying his performance quite a bit! You are going to be stunned when you check out this little kid’s amazing moves!

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