Forgotten Film Clip From 1906 Proves Cats Have Always Been Cats

With the help of technology, we can peak back in the life of our predecessors. Form magnifying the details and adding color to every subject, the tech world has done a marvelous job.

Every now and then, we stumble upon something so precious and very familiar. Something that makes us feel, that could be a lousy camera focus or audio issues. And the reason is pretty simple. We always tend to expect some differences from the time free of developed gadgets.

And who can blame us, being born and raised in the core rise of smartphones? We have witnessed an unbelievable transition in the new generation. It turns out somethings or animals stay relatively the same. Maybe a little more technical while going through the day.

Recently a French film of 114 years ago was released with much clarification. In the short clip, we are able to see a girl instructed to eat a bowl of milk and biscuits. While her scene was rolling, a cat leaps onto the table. Maybe on attempt her to snatch a few bites of the girl. The girl then leaves the feline with milk on the glass.

And he enjoys it with every lick, whichever movie this is, the cat stole the show in a jiffy. Please share your thoughts on this discovery.

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