Big Sister Has the Most Heartwarming Reaction to Meeting Her Baby Sister for the First Time

Everyone loves their siblings; it’s true we might fight frequently. However, at the end of the day, there is no one like your brothers or sisters. Our excitement on their arrival is unexplainable through words.

Similar to the reaction of this big sister in 2018, which touched the hearts of many. Presley and Reef Brooks came home to a surprise. Their little sister Charleigh was born earlier than expected, six weeks to be exact. Due to this reason, she was admitted to NICU for two weeks.

As it was the flu season, visitors were not allowed. Hence, the mommy and her grandmother bring the baby home without saying a word to the kids. Reef suspects something is different as they are recorded.

They walk through the hallway, where the baby brother is waiting to say hello. However, once the grandmother alerts the toddlers about the surprise, the kids showed two different reactions. When Reef finds out about the news, he looks happy. Presley is unable to contain her emotions, so she runs to baby Charleigh. She is the human expression of the phrase overwhelms with joy. The sister is almost in tears. Furthermore, Presley’s demeanor changes when she gets to hold Charleigh. She looks calm and collected.

Please press play and watch the adorable expression of darling Presley. Do share your kind and warm wishes for the family.

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