Criminal Thought He Could Get Away, But Someone Else Comes Out From the Back Seat

It is not easy for just about anyone to get recruited into the police department. Almost impossible if you really want to become a good police department member.

Everyone who is being recruited gets training before they are officially a part of the department. But have you ever seen a dog trainer as a K9? Yes, this video is something that will show you how a dog made sure to do this. This is one of the best videos you will ever find on the internet.

14 week old police pup

Also, you will be impressed in every way possible when you see K9 Taz who is just 14 weeks old train and impress every single person with his capabilities. This is one of the cutest things ever. A young pup is willing to do something that even some humans would back off from.

This is amazing. Watch the full video below!

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