Pastor Gives 100-Yr-Old Woman a Job, Then She Wakes Up at 3 Am to Do The Unthinkable

We have so many kind individuals residing among us, and they are the reasons we experience overwhelming respect for life. These good-spirited people age with such grace it is hard to put in words.

One of the generous women we will be talking about is 100-year-old Eva. She is an extraordinary woman who came into the world with a warm heart. Born in 1916, Eva has experienced a fair share of hurdles in her life. Which has made her wiser and more caring, it seems.

From an easy age, she learned to sew from her mother. According to Eva, her mom had a fantastic set of sewing skills, and she made everything she and her sister wore. So, she soon picked up after her mother. And worked on honing her talents with her passing year. Married to the man she loved, she was blessed with two beautiful daughters.

One day, her pastor came along and handed over a unique project for her. The father requested her to create 108 plus dresses before Christmas. Thanks to her arthritis -freehand, Eva wakes early morning around 2 am like clockwork. She pours herself some coffee and gets going till 5 am. She is pretty adamant about getting the work done under the timeline.

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