She Asks Her Dogs to Pose for the Camera, Keep a Close Watch on the Dog on the Left

Dogs are some of the most adorable creatures on planet earth. They are not only cute, but they are also very loyal and affectionate to their loved ones. Dogs are known all over the world for their social nature and they can befriend almost anyone they set their eyes on. Often considered man’s best friend, they are probably the best gift to mankind. If you are a dog owner, I am sure you agree with me. We love our canine friends and they love us back twice as much.

If you have a dog at home, I am sure you have uncountable number of photos of them on your phone. They are so cute that we just can’t help ourselves from clicking their pictures! They are also quite photogenic, aren’t they? They look good on camera no matter what they are doing! Just take for example, Envy and Zain. This duo is completely in love with cameras. Their owner has trained them well, so now they can hold some really good poses while she captures their photographs.

When Envy and Zain are asked to pose for a photo, their response is immediate. Dogs are intelligent creatures and can be trained to do many things. These well-behaved pooches are the perfect example. I still can’t stop my smile at this! Watch this adorable video below and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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