Every Time They See Their Favorite Keeper, These Baby Otters’ Reaction is Too Precious

Animals can be really intelligent. Humans might be on the top of the list, but that doesn’t mean that animals can’t learn new things and use their knowledge for their benefit. This is especially true when it comes to their survival. They will be naturally drawn to things that ensure that they survive and thrive, be it new environments, diets or symbiotic relationships.

We can also condition them to learn new things. Positive reinforcement can help them retain knowledge and behavior as well. The best example would be that of dogs. We train them using treats to behave well. Even wild animals can learn to do the same. You may have seen videos of animals like deer and even bears get attached to human beings. The following video shows a bunch of cute otters!

These adorable otters are from a zoo. They were standing by the fence, and looked like they were waiting for something. They were in fact waiting for their favorite zookeeper! As soon as they spotted their favorite human, they started getting really excited! They ended up squeaking in delight. You might never have heard another animals make such a noise before!

They sounded like something between a puppy and a squeaky toy, didn’t they? Who can resist such a sound?

Check out their adorable antics below:

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