After Young Son Passes Away, Parents Find Heartbreaking Note He Left Them

Children are the most precious gifts to parents. They are the center of our lives even after they grow up and move away–the old adage that, “Being a parent means you’ll always have something to worry about” is certainly true. But there’s something much worse than that type of worry: losing that child, especially if it happens when they are young.

Leland Shoemake was a bright boy, 6 years old, who never got any older. He succumbed to a brain-eating amoeba at the age of 6. He brought happiness and delight in everyone’s life as long as he lived. After he died in the hospital, his mother went home to get a set of burial clothes for him, only to find a note Leland had written before they left.

This note made her heart melt and break at the same time. The little boy was able to learn his ABCs by the time he was only a year old and he put them to good use here. His memories will always remain fondly in everyone’s hearts.

He is one angel that was taken way too soon from the world. Watch the short clip below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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