Entitled Woman Gets Slapped After Telling a Young Customer to Go Back to Where She Came From

Karen is a well-hated character from the 2004 Teen Comedy, “Mean Girls.” It is only a movie, but some incidents show us that films have a little bit of reality projected.

This clip is from the Shell gas station in Phoenix. She is having a regular day as a cashier when she notices an older woman without a mask. She requests the woman to wear it. Shockingly, the woman proceeds to snub at the request. She even makes excuses for her medical condition to evade the situation. Things get a bit heated as the lady starts acting like a pampered kid. She hurls racist remarks like, “Go back to Mexico.” At this point, other people come to the rescue, but the woman does not calm down. Instead, she pushes the cashier at one point. Not having any more of it, the Native American girl slaps her back. Naturally, this incident became an overnight sensation. “Karen” memes are now all over the internet, trolling the racist woman.

women gets slapped

While violence is rarely the best approach, I cannot deny that the situation demanded it. Also, it is quite satisfying to watch the woman get a taste of her own medicine. Kudos to the girl for taking a stand against such entitled people. I hope that this serves as a lesson to people who refuse to step out of their orthodox belief circle. What do you have to say? Let us know!

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